The Chicken Tractor.

Pastured Poultry is a great starting place towards Self-sufficiency. I have currently have 21 chickens ( 14 meat birds, 6 egg, and one rooster). I had the egg layers free ranging though my property, then I had 11. Everything was fine until a friendly neighborhood hawk decided to feast on 4 of them in one week, so into a coop they went. After confining them I notice a change in the eggs. Instead of the bright yellow yokes, I had eggs that look a lot like the ones that came from the store. The change in diet from grazing on just about everything to just feed from the farmer’s supply made my beautiful eggs into dull nutrient lacking eggs. This is where the chicken tractor comes in. A chicken tractor is a mobile coop. I built mine from materials I had left over from other projects. 3 2×8’s make the frame( about 4’x8′) and 4 equal size sheets of 4 foot fencing make the rest. Two sheets loop from one of the long sides of the frame to the other hoop style, the other two on each end. The cut out a square for the door, attach a chain to move it around, and you have yourself a chicken tractor. I have two tractors one for meat birds and one for the egg layers. I move them twice a day morning and night. The many benefits are as follows: the need for less feed, less grass that needs cutting, and fresh fertilizer. Chicken tractor is a very good Permaculture technique to increase productivity of your land.

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