Welcome to Freedom Farm TV.

Welcome to Freedom Farm TV. The path to freedom through self-sufficiency and self-reliance is a difficult one. Like the old saying goes Freedom is not free, sweat equity is required. Taking responsibility for yourself and that of your children is very scary. In the age of debt, pills, and cradle to grave care by the government true freedom is not experienced.  For five years now my family and I have been working on increasing Financial Freedom by becoming debt free. The Borrower is slave to the lender period. You borrow money to buy a car. The bank requires certain type of insurance, full coverage instead of just liability. You borrow $25,000 but must pay much more back to them. In both cases your financial freedom is lessened. My family follows Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method to clean up debts from the past. Staring with the smallest debts first working up to the largest last is a sound game plan. By the time you get to the largest you have more traction attacking that debt.  Now that we aren’t swimming in debt any longer we can now focus on our homestead. With Permaculture design techniques I have planned out my property to provide the food for my family. Goats, chickens, and pigs will provide the protein while annual and perennial fruits and vegetables will provide the carbohydrates. The plan is to phase this in over the next few years. Currently I have two dairy goats (a buck and doe breeding pair) hopefully will provide enough milk for cheese making and meat from the offspring. I have 21 chickens (14 meat birds, 6 egg layers, and one rooster) that I tractor through my property. The birds increase the fertility of my soil by their waste.  Also, they consume insects like ticks and such. Taking responsibility for yourself and that of your children is not an easy task. Normal today is to toward government for their needs. Government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Ask yourself have I increased my self-reliance?

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