Discoveries of Permaculture

The joys and discoveries of Permaculture always amaze me. For more than a year now I have been implementing the design that I have laid out for my three acre homestead. In that time soil improvement has been my main focus. This year I have experimented and mother nature drop surprises at me.


This is a picture of tomato plants that sprang up near one of my garden beds. Last year er planted several tomato plants, and the chickens loved foraging the fruit from them. My wife and I didn’t stop them because er figured they would just be “egg plants” instead. Apparently the chickens dropped tomato seed as they feasted, and these plants are the product. A very nice discovery.

This year I have played around with planting everything I could get my hands on. I planted store bought potatoes and garlic that sprouted before they could be eaten. I bought and planted bags of dried beans from the store.


The germination rate blew me away. I guessed some would sprout, but not like this. One pound bag cost me $1.19 where as a packet of beans from the farmers supplies were $5 on sale. I hope they produce a harvest but I was really wanting nitrogen fixers in my garden beds. I also planted oats that I purchased from farmer supply. I buy oats in the fifty pound bags to soak and feed to my chickens.


The germination rated were not as good with this as with the beans, but still surprising. Maybe enough for a small harvest. In the next few post I will start discussing the basics of Permaculture for those who drop by here and have never heard of Permaculture. Permaculture for me is the corner stone to self-reliant and free life style. Any questions feel free to ask in the comment section of this post, of email at

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