Permaculture Basics 1: Ethics and Prime Directive and how it Relates to Freedom


Let’s get back to basics. The basics of Permaculture and to Permaculture relates to freedom.  To begin the Prime Directive of Permaculture, “The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for ourselves and for that of our children.” Now how does this relate to our personal freedoms? Taking responsibility for one’s self is the essences of freedom. For example, getting a loan to buy a car the bank loans you the money, and in return must pay the amount borrowed back plus interest.  On top of that they require you to purchase insurance that has more coverage than the basic policies. You are not given the choice to choose of just a liability policy. Your freedom to choose was taken away by not purchasing the car with your money. Taking personal responsibility and saving money to purchase the car would increase your freedom.

The three Ethics of Permaculture are, “Earth Care, People Care, and Return of Surplus.”  Earth Care: All wealth comes from the earth, and caring for the earth insures wealth for you and for future generations.  People Care, any actions taken without the care of people in mind is not ethical in Permaculture. Also called social capital when applied to business the company will not stay in business if care for its customers is not a priority. Return of Surplus, in Permaculture our goal is to create a surplus. Surplus can be spent in three ways, spend, save, and give away a little. You work hard obtain a surplus, so enjoy a little. For that rainy day save a little, this is where freedom comes into play. Many today rely on government when disaster strikes. Being prepared for unemployment, health issues, or natural disasters is the insurance for the real world. You must store food, energy, and money for emergencies. Give some surplus away to charities and such, but also return surplus to your systems. The surplus of chicken manure is returned to the land to fertilize it.

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