Back to basics Permaculture 2: Principle 1 Observe and Interact.

Principle one in Permaculture is Observe and Interact. To learn how natural systems work the best classroom is nature itself. Careful observation when designing your systems can save tons of head ache and money in the long run. Observe guilds that you have planted to see if the plants grow well together. Observe how rain flows across you landscape. Observe which parts of your land is shaded and which gets lots of sun and so on. After long observations you then interact with your design to maximize production. Take action! A plan of attack! Say to yourself, “I will use the knowledge that I have gained I will provide for my family, and live a freer life.” In permaculture when you are faced with a problem the problem if the solution. I have too much shade what do I do? The tougher the problem the more elegant the design will be. In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give in; never give in, never never never!”

Permaculture design is more than just how to grow food. It’s a system of design that can be applied to any issues you may have in your life. Take the example of finical freedom; many families today are deep in debit. By using the permaculture principle of observe and interact I can pay off debit and increase financial freedom. Living beyond you means is the leading cause of money troubles today.  We are bombarded with ad after ad telling us we deserve this car, we deserve this new computer, and so on. The number one service marketed today is debit.  Now how do we remedy this? Observe and interact! Observe your spending habits and come up with a written budget for each month. As the month goes by interact (make changes to that budget as issues arise) but stick to the game plan. The road to financial freedom is a long and hard road. It can be done my family of on the last leg of this journey. It has been a very difficult five years, but it’s almost over.

Now go and observe and interact with your world, and you have any tips or questions leave a comment or email

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