The American Dream is Alive.

The American Dream is still live in all of us. That dream is alive, but not well. Many have fallen into the traps created to break the spirit and crush dreams. Traps mostly created by ourselves such as, self-doubt and a defeatist mindset. Traps also created by outside forces like mainstream media constantly bombarding us with negativities from the economy to none since like income gap. We live in a time where people can connect to each other from across the globe and share ideas and dreams. When the world is ready there will be little need for government or any systems that crush people’s dreams for what they want to be or how they enter act with others. The more governments control and spy on its citizens is proof that their controls are slipping. US Government is deep in debt and shows no signs of slowing down its spending. There will come a time where governments just like its citizens realize that wealth is not created by spending but by saving. Let the law of compounding interest work for you. Debt is an addiction plain and simple. We must heal ourselves from this addiction. I have been working on my family’s debt for nearly five years now, and the freedom of being able to say “I’M DEBT FREE” will be a great day. Here are some words of advice on achieving your dreams.

  1. Dream BIG! Believe anything is possible.
  2. Write down your dreams, and think of way to achieve them.
  3. Success is not an overnight thing.  Success is a marathon not a sprint.
  4. Never give up. Most dreams fail before they even are tried.
  5. Life is a roller coaster. Enjoy the ups, but prepare for the downs. The economy goes through a recession about every ten years, but will rebound.

Any question or tips leave a comment or email me

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