Good to be out in nature.


My wife and I had a good day hiking. This photo is from Cascade Falls in Pine Mountain, GA. Sometime with all that goes on in life, like work and family its good to get out and enjoy nature. In Georgia a state park is no more than 50 mile away. My wife and I are really new to hiking, and walking four miles is easy for me. But hiking four miles was tougher. Up and down the mountain side, crossing streams, and climbing over big rocks is a lot harder than walking on a track. I enjoyed our hike very much, and hope to go again soon.  Make sure to observe and interact with nature when out on the trails. And practice leave no trace.


I found that this photo was good at showing the layers of a forest. Tall pines and oaks made the canopy while younger trees made sub canopy. Muscadines made up the vine layers, and ferns for ground cover.



We enjoyed sitting and listen to the water falls. I think I could just sit all day and listen to water run over rocks much like the eaves of the ocean. We meet other hikers on the trail all of which had a big smile on their faces and kind words. I hope to go back soon and take my kids along.

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