Animal Husbandry




The time has come to process the meat birds. I plan keeping four females and a male. I will be processing nine birds tomorrow. I will be using a homemade killing cone to do the deed. Killing cones can be made out of milk or vinegar jugs. Cut the bottom off, so the chicken can slide in head first. The jug cradles the bird and will not be as stressed. I hope to film a few, after all this is called Freedom Farm TV (slow and steady).  What I will need is to set up my stations. One station I have at one of the fence post with a hook on it. Another station with a pot and a camping stove to pluck the birds. Lastly the cleaning station is where the bird will be removed of its organs and cleaned. I have a two Rubbermade bins set up for this. I have cared for these birds since they were days old, and it will hard to see them go but I look forward to tasting a bird raised in a Permaculture manner. These birds were not feed any GMO feed just oats that I either soaked or sprouted and what they could forage in their tractor. Tomorrow will surely be busy.

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2 thoughts on “Animal Husbandry

  1. Looks good brother-in-law! I hope it goes quick and easy for you and the birds. Gotta believe the difference will be noticeable. You’ll have to make some chicken stock with the carcasses and pressure can it! I’m hoping at some point in the future we can all pitch in to get a plucking machine and then share it back and forth… gotta get someplace where we can keep chickens first.

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