Importance of Rotational Grazing and Fodder Crops.


See the damage to the land already caused by my animals.

If you have any animal on your homestead, then rotational grazing is for you. Since I have goats and chickens I will discuss rotational grazing of these animals. Firstly rotational grazing is a technique to preserve you land, so your animal will not destroy it. Even if you only have just a few animals, they will tax the land that they are on until they compact and erode the soil. Bad soil is obviously bad for your animal and your land. I will employ a paddock shift system for my goats and my livestock guardian dog. I am currently purchasing the electric fencing and movable post for the paddock.  But more on why to rotate your livestock I have observed that my goats and dog (especially the dog) are damaging the landscape with in their pen. I did not think they would tear the ground as fast as they have. The pen they are in now was to be expanded at a later date, but money wise the portable electric is more cost effective and gives me more options on how I want to move my animals. How fodder crops will play into this. I currently have two areas where I plan to plant fodder crops for my goats. I will plant a mixture of annual and perennial grain and legumes. This will be polycultured meaning many plants together. First crop is cowpea. Cowpea is used in Permaculture as a cover crop because of its hardiness and is a nitrogen fixer. Next is Lucerne. Lucerne is a legume and is also a nitrogen fixer, but is a perennial where cowpea is an annual. Lastly I will plant sorghum and oats. Both are annual grains. I planted oats this year and the goats loved it. I just didn’t plant enough because it was mainly an experiment to see how easy it was to grow oats in Georgia. I plan to run my goats paddock through the crops followed by my chickens in their chicken tractors moving each every day or two.

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