Freedom Continues Here.

Government we don't need you!!

Government we don’t need you!!

In many ways we are freer now than ever before, but in other ways are free no longer. How did we lose our freedoms? The answer is bit by bit by bit. In the name of safety we got the Patriot Act and TSA groping us. NSA snooping on everything we do. Federal, State, and Local governments steal more and more of our hard earned money. The main weapon in the arsenal of the Government is division. Divide and conquer. We citizens are divided in every way possible. Rich versus poor, black versus white, Democrat versus Republican the list goes on and on. The problem with politics is in the name itself. Poly meaning “many” and tics “nasty blood suckers”. What to do we do about this. Like anything the solution is simple.  Simple but hard we do not allow ourselves to be divided any longer. Many people, me included, never even talk to our neighbors anymore. We are divided all the way down to the local levels. I really don’t know my neighbors. In addition grow your own food. What person does not eat? Create enough surpluses to give to neighbors. Have cook outs, or play dates. I had the thought of running grapes or kiwi on my mail box for our mail carrier to enjoy. I’ve recently coached my local children’s baseball team. Get involved!!!! Feed the hungry!!!! Tell Government bullies we don’t freaking need you anymore. We got this thanks, but no thanks. Build local economies. Whites, blacks, rich, poor, Democrat, or Republican we are all Americans. More than Americans we are all humans. Care for each other so the powerful cannot exploit them. Many acts of kindness add up to a whole lot of good for the world. Government I don’t need you. We don’t need you. We got this. Move along we don’t need you. Self-reliance is freedom, but spread the word. Words are power us it!

May Blessings of Liberty be upon you!

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