Farming on the Small Scale aka. Urban Permaculture

Urban Permaculture. filling the small spaces.

Urban Permaculture. filling the small spaces.

Farming on a small scale can be done by using the principles of Permaculture. Permaculture is a system of design that applies ethics. These techniques are scale-able, works on fractions of an acre to hundreds of acres. Our cities and suburbs are literary a desert with maybe only grass and a few ornamental trees.  Why plant a Bartlett pear when you can plant a tree that bears fruit. There are many techniques to employ. Use the vertical space when on small plots. Using poly culture you can plant many plants in one space that complement each other, such as garlic basil and tomatoes. Garlic and basil protect the tomatoes from pests.

Here are examples of using vertical spaces.

Vertical Herb-wall.standard 460x345


Pallets can be stacked and used to plant into. Pot secured to post of patio, or five gallon buckets to plant potatoes. Design is only limited by the creativity of the designer. Raised beds is also a good design for small spaces. I like the herb spiral and key hole beds.


Key hole bed.

Key hole bed. 

herb spiral

herb spiral

The key hole bed allows you to maximize space, and you can reach every spot in the bed in the 360 degrees. Herb spiral is a bed the stack many functions. It allows for micro climates by which direction faces the sun and etc. It also employs vertical spacing. In addition when planting trees choose the dwarf verities to maximize space. You can even have live stock if local codes allow. Nigerian Dwarf is a miniature breed of dairy goats, and a small flock of chickens would go fine in the urban setting. I would not recommend rooster though. He can be noisy, and is not really needed for eggs unless you want to hatch your own. Mushrooms can be grown in the shady spots of your plot.

A small plot of land doesn’t have to a hindrance, in fact its easier to start up. You have more of a local clientele base available. Less travel to reach that base. And enjoy the urban life and have your homestead get away in the same location.

May the Blessings of Liberty be upon you.

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