My Awakening.

I'm awake and I'm alive.

I’m awake and I’m alive.

Where did my family’s journey to personal liberty start? Well from the beginning. Seven years ago my wife and I both had good jobs, that we had just gotten, where we doubled our income. What was the first thing we did. Bought a new car! DUMB! DUMB! Then we did an even dumber thing, we took a week vacation to Hawaii. This vacation was all on credit of course. When the vacation was over and the smoke cleared we realized our card were maxed and little money in the bank. I still remember that feeling the worry trying to figure out what to do. Our solution take a personal line of credit at the bank. DUMB! See a pattern here. Then the greatest thing that has ever happened to my wife and me, the birth of our first daughter. Lucky we planned ahead and had a medical flex spending account, so when she was born my girl was already paid for ;). We had a family now and we realized we made more money, twice than before, and still were no better off. We still could not live through a month without credit. My wife and I stat down and said to each other this has to change. Of course we floundered around on how to get rid of all this debit, never making much traction. We were given Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover and that gave us direction. We plugged away at our debit paying off what we could. After six year and two daughter we are mostly got our debit paid off. Paying off $65,000 was the most difficult thing we have ever done. We still have a little to go, but a very small fraction than before. We are now doing well enough that a few years ago my wife was able to quit her job. A job that she hated, and now she raises and schools our beautiful daughters. Even though our income was cut in half we can handle it now. And happier for it also! If you are in debit get out! It can be done. It can be done! IT CAN BE DONE! I worked two jobs to pay our debit down, and repaired computer on the side on top of that. IT CAN BE DONE!

May the Blessings of Liberty be upon you!

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