Dealing with a Lose.

RIP sweet Jackie

RIP sweet Jackie

When you have animals on you homestead you will have losses. That is a statement of fact. How to deal with a lose? My family are struggling with that now. We lost one of our goats Jackie this weekend. It’s hard to understand how something like this can happen. We have had losses before in the way of rabbits and chickens, but never a goat before. Jackie had a runny nose one evening, and over night turned into pneumonia that killed her. In a matter of a few hours of noticing she had that runny nose, she was gone. In some ways I feel like a failure. In others I feel a bit angry because of the plans we had for her are now gone. The price that we bought her is nothing compared to the plans. My wife and I were already discussing her and our bucks kids, and milking her for cheese. Now back to the starting board. It’s difficult to think of her in a business since because I really care nothing for the money we paid for her. Or the money it takes to feed her and house her. She was more than that. She was our future. The time we can never get back. Jackie was also such a good goat. I was really looking forward to taking care of her for a long time. Also, having to explain to are children about Jackie dying was also rough. Our youngest is to young to know, but our eldest took it hard. But to think of it my wife took it harder than anyone. As we now look to forge ahead looking for replacements, we bare the lose of her. Even though we will replace Jackie, we will never forget her. Bye Jackie.

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