As We get into Fall.


As we move into Fall I have plans for changes to my homestead. Basically changes in design. My goal is to improve myself, my family, and my land. This year my main garden didn’t do very well, mainly due to weather at the beginning of the year. I planted all my crops as recommended after last frost date, but we had a day with freezing temperatures that stunted germination. Then we had a torrent of rain for week causing all my seeds to wash away. Which is funny because I now have plants growing at odd ball spots in my yard. I just cut the grass around them and go on. And laugh a little. My main change is to my main grow bed. Right its about 10′ x 10′ square area that is mulched and composted. And very boring. I realized that along with growing fruits and vegetables we need a little beauty thrown in with it. I drew up a simple design to add a little texture and beauty to the land. Basically almost like a compass. Growing beds on the corners path north, south, east, and west with another oval shaped growing bed in the center. I haven’t decided to lay pine straw, wood chips, or pebbles for the path yet, but something very distinctive to set off the grow beds.

Main growing bed simple design.

Main growing bed simple design.

It’s just a sketch, but I will post pictures as the project goes forward. Another project that I want to complete this fall is the installation of at least one garden pond. I have designs for three. I want to concentrate on my zone one right now, so the other two will just have to wait until I can put my energies into the outer zones. Finally the last main project I need to complete this fall is the purchasing and installation of the mobile electric fencing. As I mention in an earlier post on rotational grazing and land management my goat and dog are destroying my and near the barn. The installation and the shifting of this fencing will allow me to repair the damage that has been done to this area. I will post the design and plan on repairing the damage. The soil has already become very compacted and in need of attention.

My experiment with store bought dried beans was a ray of sunshine of this summer.

This was the beginning of the beans.

This was the beginning of the beans.

I planted the beans just to see of they would grow. I wasn’t expecting anything to be produced. Man was I surprised. A 99 cent one pound bag of dried beans has created so much that it’s about to get out of hand.

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

As you can see beans every where. That’s it from the home front. May the blessing of liberty be upon you.

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