Update from the homestead.


Beans beans everywhere.

Beans beans everywhere.

That’s right beans beans everywhere. It’s time to harvest my beans. This experiment was way more than I expected. I planted two one pound sacks of dried beans that I bought from the store. At 99 cents per bag compared six dollars for beans from farmer supply store for 1/4 pound (on sale). I figured that they would grow, but I wasn’t expecting them to produce. Did they produce? You betcha! Next weekend my family will start to harvest and can them. So the final skinny will be about  two pounds of dried beans will make about five pounds of harvest. Not bad for how little work I put into these beds. I sheet mulched this area starting with cardboard, wet it, put down a thick layer of leaves I raked up from my live oak trees, and topped off with pine straw (mainly for looks). A few months later I raked back the mulch, scattered the bean seeds, and covered the seed back up with the mulch. Done finished. Not only did I get all these beans, but I improved the soil. Beans are nitrogen fixers for the blue berry bushes I will plant into this area in a few months.

Have fun and may the blessings of liberty be upon you.

Any question feel free to leave a comment of email me  freedomfarmtv@gmail.com

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