Importance of Community to Freedom.

Home is where the heart is.

Home is where the heart is.

Is Community important? Well the answer to that is yes. Why? Humans were not meant to be isolated separate from other humans. A family member stated to me recently that she loved what I was doing, but that she could never be self-sufficient as we are striving to be. That got me to thinking what was self-sufficiency. A single family providing for their every need. I don’t think it can be done. Even though I may be good at a few things there are many, many things that I’m terrible at. That were community comes in. Instead of being a self-sufficient family, we should built self-sufficient communities. Helping one another. On community my family member is way ahead of my family. See they live in a very tight knit community with neighbors that they trust and in return trust them. They borrow things back forth in ways I don’t think I can do. I just don’t trust like they do. With the exception of my father and mother-in-law that live near me, I really don’t know any of my neighbors. There are lots of older couples in my neighborhood that really aren’t capable of leaving the house much. Brain storming on ways to remedy this. I thought bout planting kiwi vine or grapes on my mail box to show thanks to the mail man. When I obtain enough surplus share the extra with neighbors. May be find neighbors with similar interests in permaculture or organic gardening. Like I said humans are not solitary animals. We need each others skills and ideas. When I first started learning about permaculture I was overwhelmed with all that is permaculture. From rocketmass heaters and swales to eco-buildings and PDCs I though how was I going to learn all of this. Then I think I heard Paul Wheaton mention that people have general knowledge of permaculture but tend to become an expert in one or two areas of permaculture. Myself for example want to develop a small scale farm model that can be duplicated through out the world in order to free people from the political machine that takes freedom away in the name of our own good. I want instead of a farmer that farms on 10,000 acres, 1000 farmers farming on 10 acres. Reduce vulnerable supply chains. Basically live happy and healthy lives how ever that may be, but be debit free and liberty conscience.

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May the blessings of Liberty be upon you!


2 thoughts on “Importance of Community to Freedom.

  1. This is something I’m working towards. Have been skilling up on permaculture, homesteading, natural remedies, etc. As much as I want to be self sufficient it’s impossible. You cannot make and do everything by yourself. It’s amazing to see people like yourself helping to join like minded people and providing them with the information they need!

    I agree with you, we need to create small tight-knit communities who support one another to live healthy lives away from the clutches of capitalism and your work helps people to do that. So thank you!

    • Thanks for your comments. And thanks for reading my posts. Community building skills are a weak area of mine. But our weakest areas are where the most improvements are to be made. My small community is improving so much, but we are spread out a bit. It’s good to see local farmers markets spring up around here.

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