Failure to Freedom

Freedom is the result of failure.

Freedom is the result of failure.

Failure in life is inevitable. But failure leads to success. In-order to success to happen a certain number of failures must have occurred.  If I told you that you could have any success in our life that you wanted you just had to fail 99 times and the 100th you would succeed. What would do? Plow through those 99 failures as fast as you could. Most people fail to succeed before they even begin. Fear of failure is the most underlying component to failure. I have studied successful people for a while now, and the common thread is they overcome that fear. Not that they are still not afraid, but they overcome that fear. The difference between successful and average people is minuscule. And every skill needed to be successful is learn able. The average GPA of millionaires is 2.5. No one is smarter than you no one is better than you. They may have a talent that you don’t, but you have talents they don’t. Most are just to afraid to apply that talent to the market place.  What does this have to do with Freedom of Permaculture? It is all connected like the web of nature. Like everything in the Universe is connected some how or other. I listen to many podcast on business, permaculture, and freedom I hear many commonalities. Taking responsibility for yourself, and over coming fear of failure. In permaculture crops will fail, animals will die, trees die it’s a fact of life. In life failure hits us everyday it’s called reality. We must never give in. We must never give up. We look failure in the eye and say I’m not afraid. I will succeed. Life is experiment if at first you don’t succeed try try again as the old saying goes. To be honest lots of my experiments this year have not gone well. Crops that I hoped to grow and eat died. My female dairy goat died. But I will trudge on. I’m at a point in my life that I really know what I want in life, and how to obtain it. Now I just need to be patience and not let fear of failure hold me back. Then my family and I can be truly free. May the blessings of Freedom be upon you all.

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