Changing the Urban Landscape.

Urban Permaculture. filling the small spaces.

Urban Permaculture. filling the small spaces.

Urban Permaculture is the aspect of permaculture that I am most interested in. It’s smaller scale, and honestly more efficient. When I say Urban Permaculture I’m not just talking about cities or suburbs but small scale. Any thin under about ten acres. I feel that’s where the magic is. There are over 300 million people in the US, and the vast number of those do not grow their own food. Those of us who know the taste of real food are fortunate. Many people in America have never tasted a ripe cantaloupe. Don’t know a fresh tomato or lettuce. I’m of the opinion that instead of a nicely manicured lawns everyone should grow fruits and vegetables. If we are to bring permaculture to the masses we must make it pleasing to the eye. Edible landscaping with a permaculture twist. Ornamental plants but also edibles form the landscape. There are tons of examples of this on the web today. I will post some of the things that I’m working on in my own land. I have more land than a typical suburban lot, but I have started developing a small potion of my zone one. Time and money are proportional to each other. The more money you put into the quicker the implementation is. With that said, I am going slow. I have chosen to start more of my food forest from cuttings and seeds. This is cheaper but also lends to a longer time until trees bear fruit. Small scale permaculture appeals to me because really anyone can do it. Most of us cannot have 1000 acres. I really don’t want that much. I could not manage that much land. Luckily permaculture is scale-able. Small scale ponds and earth works can be done with just a shovel and sweat. I just started digging two new¬†hugelkultur beds. Hugel beds are just a grow bed with a wood core. I dug a small trench along conture and filled it with fallen branches from two live oak trees that I have. Then cover up the branches, and apply compost and mulch afterwards. Plant a cover crop to avoid erosion. I haven’t decide on cover crops yet. I may just plant fall crops into them. I have a hoop house that I am putting up to protect the plants from frost. I may just decide to have cabbage and lettuce year round this year. It’s all experimental right now. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section or email me

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