Focus + Intensity + Time = Success

Focused intensity.

Focused intensity.

Life is a mass of formulas. Mathematicians spend their lives formulating the world. If everything is a formula, then what is the formula for success? Focus + Intensity + Time = Success. Focused intensity over the span of a certain time period leads to success. But you must first define what is success. That is a personal question. What is successful to me may not be successful to you. If my goal was to be worth a million dollars.  Bill Gates and I would not share the same goal. If I wanted to write my first novel, then Stephen King and I would not have the same goal. First define what success is to you. Visualize it to every aspect. Write down that what success is to you. My wife and I have a list of things written down on a paper to what we have defines as success. Among them is being debit free, self sufficient, more freedom in our lives. Since we a nearly debit free it is time to go back and rewrite some of those items. Have a design of your life, then spend the rest of your life focused on that design with intensity. Life is never static it’s dynamic, always changing. Focus on what you want in life, and charge in and grab life by the horns. No is not an options, failure is not an option. If you are unhappy with your current situation, plan with focused intensity to change it. But realize the third variable time. Change takes time. The larger the ship the longer it takes to turn. Focus on yourself and your family don’t get distracted by outside influences. People may say it can’t be done, you can’t have what your want in life. Just just have to learn to settle. To hell with those people! They have a name for those people. Losers! Surround yourself with like minded people. People that lift you up, not drag you down. Unhappy in your job? Formulate a plan to free yourself of this burden. Again time is the bugger in this equation. If you are eye ball deep in debit you may have to take additional part time work to pay down the debit. Then you make the leap to freedom. Like I said time is the killer in this formula. It’s not easy  to remain focused and intense over a long period of time. I struggle at time to remain focused and intense. The key is never give in. Be the tortoise not the hare. Freedom and success take a life time of achievement. Take responsibility for your life. Do not be burdened by what government is doing. Government will be government. I can’t change the fact our government is $17 trillion in debit. I can change the debit that I have. Don’t be focused on things that are outside of your sphere of influence it just wast time, focus, and energy. Like Churchill said, “Never give in! Never give in! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! With that may the blessings of liberty be upon you.

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