The Importance of a Emergency Fund.

Freedom lives here.

Freedom lives here.

Do you have an emergency fund? My family and I are working on ours. Why just working on it. Well emergencies happen. Car repairs to plumbing issues. These little friends chip away at our fund. When I feel like I’m not getting any traction on my fund I realize at least I’m not going backwards. Why is having a fully funded Emergency fund so important? Think of all things 3-6 months of expenses could do if you lost your job or have a medical emergency. Worries decrease ten fold. I believe Dave Ramsey’s three to six months of expenses is a good goal. Develop a game plan to get out of debt and fully fund your emergency fund. Cut your life style and sacrifice the more you cut and the more you sacrifice the fast you reach that goal. You don’t see the inside of a restaurant unless you work there and such. How have you sacrificed to reach you goal. Please comment, follow me on Twitter, or Facebook. May the blessings of liberty be upon you.

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