What is Self-sufficiency

Dare to dream big dreams!

Dare to dream big dreams!

What is self-sufficiency? For me its a way of life. Many people complain about their lives. I cannot afford to go out to eat. When in reality they are eyeball deep in credit card debit. I hate my job! But if they would save up some cash, so that looking for a new job isn’t as terrifying. I wish for my family to produce all the needs from the resources that are available. The freedom and peace of mind on knowing where the foods that we are consuming come from. The peace of mind knowing that no matter which government loving politician is in office my family is taken care of. The peace of mind knowing that I have worked hard to build my local community up to where neighbors are more than just neighbors. Because we are all in this together. There will be good times and there will be bad times. When the bad times come we have enough in our head and our pantry to get us through. Self-sufficiency is living a quality of life that is not tied to what is the hottest new gadget that you can’t afford. But to live with a peace of mind knowing that life is a roller coaster, know how to enjoy the ride. No to highs nor to lows, but just rights for the rest of your life. Planning ahead being ready for the hard times is self-sufficiency. No government agency needed. I’m fine thanks. There is a better way to do this. Permaculture is the way. A way of thinking and design. Ethical life design. Quality of life builder. Design your life now, and spend the rest implementing the design. Time to shift from consumers to producers. Time to stop being slaves, and living your dream. Life is a journey, but we walk in the path of our forefathers. May the blessings of liberty be upon you.

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