Cheap and Easy Ways of Extend the Harvest.

Extend you harvest.

Extend you harvest. 

Want to grow vegetables through out the year? Don’t have the money to build a green house? Then this post is for you. Green houses, hoop houses, and cold frames are way to extend the harvest, and have fresh vegetables to eat nearly year round. I’ve been experimenting with a few cheap and easy ideas to grow more food. I am currently setting up a hoop house that is easy to assemble and store away during the warmer weather. I made the frame out of 3/4″ PVC pipe. My design is easy to set up, but in very windy areas may not be ideal. I’ve seen alot of hoop houses connected to a lumber frame. My idea was to keep it simple mobile and above all else cheap. I secure the frame to the ground with large tent stakes I bought in the sporting goods section of Wal-mart.  Following are the steps to setup the frame. My house is about 15′ x 10′, so I needed:

  1. 7pcs 3/4″ PVC pipe 10″ long
  2. 2 3/4″ t joints
  3. 1 3/4′ x joint
  4. pipe glue
  5. clear plastic sheeting (found in the paint section)
  6. 6 large tent stakes.

First lay out your area where the frame will be built 15′ x 10′. At the four corners and midpoint each side drive in one tent stake. Glue two section for the front and back using 2 sections of pipe and one t-joint, and the mid point with two section and the x-joint. Insert the ends  of the pipe into the stakes bending the pipe over like an upside U. Take the last section of pipe and cut it in half. Connect the front section with the middle section (I didn’t glue these together so I could take the hoop house down later). Do the same for the back to middle section. Lastly cover the frame with the clear plastic sheeting. Voila instant hoop house. Be sure to secure the sheeting to the ground. I used large rock from my yard since I have tons of them.

It will look much like this.

PVC hoop house.

PVC hoop house.

I post photos of mine later because I’ve decided to move it to a spot that the land is on better shape. But what if you live in the city. Never fear I’ve got something for you. I durable and super cheap. I ran across these last year. I see lots of the miniature green houses in Wal-mart and online for way to much money. Flimsy plastic top and bottoms for $11 or more. But for two dollars I have clear plastic storage containers. They work great. Just plant small pots into them, get a early start on those tomatoes and pepper plants. Worked good with cabbage and broccoli as well.


Any other ideas for cheap ways to extend the harvest. Please a comment. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. May the blessings of liberty be upon you.


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