Personal Freedom

Freedom lives here.

Freedom lives here.

If this site is all about freedom, then why all the information about Permaculture?  Permaculture is freedom, personal freedom. The prime directive is a statement of personal freedom. I will take responsibility for myself and that of my children. Not government, not the banks, not Monsanto I will take responsibility for myself and my family. You have issue with the power company. Supply your own sources of energy. Sick of all the GMO laden foods, then grow your own. Personal freedom is a powerful thing, but also scary. It’s scary to most because it can be hard work. There is no guaranteed success. In fact there are guaranteed failures. Failed business, fail crops, and animal losses can be common. But with those failures come education. Also comes freedom! Freedom is an awesome thing! I love vegetables from my garden. I know the work I put into growing those beans, those cabbages, those what ever it may be. It taste like sweet victory. Strive to be as self sufficient as you can. Plant trees, raise chickens, grow vegetables, or install solar panels do what ever you like, but be like Mike just do it. Stop thinking about it and do it. Know freedom, know pride, and enjoy life free. We can grow community locally and virtually. Anything is possible.

May the Blessings of Liberty be upon you!

Any question hit me up on Twitter @freedomfarmtv guaranteed response.

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