Permaculture to the Masses

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I feel that permaculture is freedom. How do we bring free people. Bring them permaculture. So, how do we bring permaculture to the masses? We make it cool to the masses. We make it hip to the younger generation. How? Make it pretty. A permaculture technique called function stacking can be employed. Design your land as you wish, but stack in some beauty. Add flowers and flowering bushes. Throw out the boring straight rows. Instead sculpt the land. Make a work of art. Functioning work of art. Stacking flowers into your design has many functions. One, it attracts bees. Which we know we all need more of those.  Two, great smelling flowers spice up your land. There is a bush called the fragrant tea olive that is the best smelling thing ever. I’m designing a outdoor living area, and the hedge to screen the view of the road will be the fragrant tea olive. Not only will these screen out the view of the road providing privacy, but the smell is so relaxing. Laid back sipping on a beverage with my family with the great smell in the air. Pure heaven.

Tea Olive.

Tea Olive.

Inter plant that with kiwi and jasmine and we have a very good hedge.

A lot of urban permaculture sites  look very cluttered and unorganized. This is not appealing to the masses. It optimizes the space available, but the average Joe will most likely complain. I feel that the back yard can be packed with the goods while the public facing can be made more pleasing to the eye. Professor Hooker is a great example of this. His home is on the cover of “Gaia’s Garden” . Check out his site to see good examples of how to bring beauty into your design. Permaculture will grow and grow ans we will grow with it. May the blessings of liberty be upon you.


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