So What does all this Permaculture Mean?

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

When I first learned about permaculture three or four years ago. I poured through book after book. All great ones; Gia’s Garden, Designer’s Manual, and One Straw Revolution. More I learned the less I felt I knew about permaculture. I was all overwhelming. Swales, hugelkulture, cob ovens, and herb spirals there was just to much. Ethics, zones, or sectors what? I would hear all about these techniques, but didn’t know what to do with them. Then I started to listen to The Survival Podcast, and Jack started to put everything into perspective. I learned that all these were just tools in the tool belt. Just brushes for the over all design of the land. I would watch these videos on Youtube of all these properties that had all this growth and abundance, and thought how could I ever get that. Many failed to mention that it took years and years to achieved what they had. I takes time to establish. So my advice on where to start. Start in your zone 1. Even go so far as a zone 1 inside of the zone 1. Start small get a few wins under your belt. Start by building soil in a plot in zone 1. In permaculture your land is separated into zones according to how often you visit a area. Zone 1 is visited often and is near your house( zone 0). Zone 2 is further and less visited, so plants that require less management go here. Zone 3 and zone 4 even less visited and less managed like food forest and other perennials Zone 5 is wilderness where we go to learn from nature. Start growing annuals and maybe a berry bush. I have my annual crops and a few strawberries in my Zone 1. My zone 2 I have a few apple and cherry trees, and sown oats for my chickens that I tractor through that zone. So start small and in zone 1. Start saving your kitchen scraps. Vegetable scraps can go into the compost bin. Add grass clippings and leaves also to the bin. Try to use as much on site stuff as you can. The most important part of all of this is to just start. Do something even if it’s small. And have fun out there.

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