Permaculture as a Business.

Design your world.

Design your world.

I’ve seen many post on forums asking a difficult question. Can permaculture business make money? My answer may surprise many out there. My answer is no. NO! Not in the context that the question is asked. Can you make money, and practice permaculture? Then the answer is yes. Permaculture is a system of design that have ethics and principles. You can design a business using permaculture such as a permaculture consultant, but your business is consulting. You can be a permaculture teacher, but your business is in education. So what am I getting at. Any business can be designed with permaculture. Heck anything can be designed with permaculture. I have chosen to design my life using permaculture. To have a “permaculutre business” first ask yourself what business do you want to open. Then create your business in a sustainable way that follow the ethics of permaculture and use the principles of permaculture. Where that is a medical practice. Use the principle of diversity. Have many treatment option for your patients. Use more natural options for treatment. The opportunities are endless. Basically what it boils down to is, “Can I make money in permacultre?” should be “Can I make money doing what I love using permaculture?”

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2 thoughts on “Permaculture as a Business.

  1. I think you make a very good point. It’s a mentality, and to approach it literally as a way to make a living is maybe the wrong approach..thanks for your thoughts on this!

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