Where Can I Start?

Success starts now.

Success starts now.

Short on funds? Don’t know what to do? Don’t know where to start? Well this post is for you. Start gardening now. Here is a cheap and simple way to get started. Take an area in zone 1 ( closest to your house), and collect you leaves. I would run over the leaves a few times to chop them up. In the area you want to start a garden spread those leaves out. I also put a layer of straw on top of that. Water it down very well. Then wait. After you last frost date go to your local grocery store and buy a few bag of dried beans. What ever kind that you like. I bought several pounds of pinto beans for 99 cents a pound. When you get ready to plant you beans just pull back your leaves and straw. Broadcast those seeds on the area you prepped. Cover the beans back up with the leaves and straw. I had very good luck with planting beans this way.

Beans beans everywhere.

   Beans beans everywhere.


I was trying this not expecting much results. Boy was I surprised! I had beans trough the whole summer and fall. Very low cost seeds, and nitrogen fixer to boot. 99 cents per pound verses $5 for a 1/4 pound of seeds at Home Depot. I will do this again next year. My girls loved picking beans. Most beans that they picked never made it to the house. They ate them raw right off the vine. I loved it, and so did they.

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