Obtain a yield

Obtain that yield.

Growing out of chaos

One of the tenets of permaculture is to grow to use. Of course, if you are growing vegetables then de facto you hope to obtain a yield. But what about ornamentals? Do they have a place in the permaculture landscape?

Even before the concept of permaculture had come to my conscious mind, I had heard that nasturtiums were edible but it took a small leap of faith to actually try them out. In the event, I found that the flowers added a certain je-ne-sais-quoi to boiled rice. My daughter is a bit harder to convince but I now wait to see if the flowers I grew this year have self-seeded and I can try her again with the rice. I might also even try the flowers in salad or something!

In the meantime, I have picked one rosehip. I’m going to dry it and then make a herbal tea –…

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