A very good technique.

One Heart Fire Permaculture

20141221_143357 The finished bed being watered in, and the rest of the small garden plot.

After years on the waiting list, my father was finally able to get a small plot in his town’s community garden.  His own backyard presents a few challenges to growing a thriving home garden.  The back yard sits at the bottom of a north facing slope which is covered in tall eucalyptus trees, so sunlight is very diminished, and the yard itself is very small.  He has had some luck growing shade and cold loving plants like lettuces in his backyard, but now he is excited to be able grow a wider variety of vegetables in his community garden plot.  However, this new plot presented some of its own challenges.

The soil  at the community garden is quite hard and compacted, likely from the repeated plowing and irrigation during the land’s previous agricultural use, as well…

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Building a “Lasagna” Garden Bed

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