Lessons From Last Winter

Be Prepared.

Be Prepared.

Last winter was very harsh on us in the South. You guys up North may laugh, but we don’t often get snow that last more than a few days here. Last January an ice storm hit Atlanta, and shut down the interstate system completely. Many people that I know who commute were stranded for days. We also had a few problems here that were unexpected. But with a little planning and preparing maybe this year will not be as bad as last year. I know some of you may say preparing, “He’s a prepper?” My answer is yes. But not what you see on Dooms Day Preppers and other non reality shows. I try to prepare for things that most likely will happen. The entire grid down is very unlikely to happen. A redneck cutting down a tree because a ice storm is coming and he needs wood. Happened last year, and he took down a major power line in the process. So temperatures are dropping, and we are out of power. No lights, no heat (electric heat).  We made it but we were miserable. Fast forward to this year. In-case of a power outage I just purchased a Duracell 800 watt inverter that can run  light and maybe TV for a few days.

Power from your car

Power from your car

Connect this to your car battery and with a extension cord ran into the house power TV, lights with CFL, and refrigerator for a few hours. Be sure to keep your cars above half a tank at all times and some extra fuel stored up to run your car. I also purchased a Mr. Heater portable propane tank for back up heat. My family can gather in one room, and close it off from the rest of the house. Heating just one room will get us by until the power comes back on.

I also stored up on the small propane tanks and D batteries. So with cold weather moving in this week I hope I gave a few things to think about. So stay safe this winter.

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