Time for Planning is Here.

Success starts now.

Success starts now.

After many years of paying off debt the time is almost here. Debt freedom is just around the corner. And that means its time to plan now. For so long we have has to postpone projects because becoming debt free was top priority. It’s nice to be able to dream of what everything is going to be like and look like. My wife Jessica and I have been browsing Home Depot and such to improve our house and outside living spaces. It’s time to make lists of the things we want to do, and set priorities to these projects by price of the project and desire of the project completion. So first things first a garden/tool shed.

We need a out building so badly. All of my tools and such are now in our utility room, and we really have no room to wash clothes without feeling cramped. I will start the build next month of a 10’x14′ garden shed. Afterwards comes finished touches on the hoop house, and starting tomatoes, bell pepper, and cabbage plants. Then comes the utility room remodel. Exciting times! I will post pictures and video of the projects.

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