Knowing your Strengths.

Design your world.

Design your world.

I tend to be a proud and stubborn guy. I have to play more to my strengths, and allow other to help out when possible. One of my strengths is my strength. I’m a big strong guy ( hence my stubbornness), but I cannot lift the world. Another strength is logic and problem solving. I can design a garden. I can design a swale, but I am lacking on the artistic ability. I am planning to involve my wife more on that side of the design. We have always worked best as a team. She is a great planner and has that artistic flare I just don’t have. I am that when the fit hits the shan kind of guy. We can accomplish more as a team than individuals. We can stack this idea for more results. Think on the family scale and community scale. We all have strengths and weakness. Find a pairing that works for you. Bottom line build connections and get out there and do it. Find that niche of your passion meets strengths. Live free.

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2 thoughts on “Knowing your Strengths.

  1. Reblogged this on Permaculture-Ghost and commented:
    I empathize with this post a lot. And I believe that a lot of us don’t understand the potential of our strength which comes from within. Part of that, is in my opinion, due to a fear that is perpetuated by failure. We should learn from mistakes and count them as stepping stones to success! It just takes DOING it! I believe in you, Dear Reader!

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