Continuously Learn

Design your world.

Design your world.


Life is in continuous motion. It never stops. Same is for learning. I have shared many articles from many different sources, and everyone of them goes into my folder. Folder. Yes folder. I keep a lager three ring folder, and every articles that I read and like gets printed and put into that folder. Many times I like them so much I share them with you here. I continuously read and watch videos on permaculture and homesteading.  I love this medium where information is so freely shared. I hope to keep sharing for many many years.

I also listen to The Survival Podcast, podcast, and Permaculture Voices podcast. Podcast are great when I am in the car going to work and while working.

If you have any tips on continuous education please comment or hit me up on Twitter @freedomfarmtv .

2 thoughts on “Continuously Learn

  1. “Be open to learning new lessons, even if they contradict the lessons you learned yesterday.” —Ellen DeGeneres. A fave quote of mine. I teach the kiddos to avoid saying “i know” when someone is telling them something they are already ‘schooled’ in. They have taught me there is more than one way to do/view the same thing and now I must return the lesson.
    You always post quality information (for those interested in permaculture and self sufficient living) and your research is much appreciated. 🙂 Melissa

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