Should I take a PDC?

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Should I take a PDC? Well let’s start with what is a PDC. PDC stands for Permaculture Design Certification. To officially use the term permaculture in a business aspect a PDC is needed. I personally don’t have a PDC, but I have taken two online PDCs. These were free courses that provide the course material, but don’t not get the certification. This is fine for me because I’m just working on my property, and only plan on working on my property. I have no desire to consult or design other people’s property. I only wanted the knowledge, and design my life using permaculture. But what if I wanted to consult or design other’s property? You can still use the design principles and ethics, but just call it edible landscaping. Teach small workshops on permaculture topics, but don’t use the word permaculture. A work shop on compost maybe. I love permaculture, and other than my family it’s the most important thing to me in the world. But I’m just not in the roght moment in my life to take a PDC at this moment. I plan to in the future, but until my family is debit free I can’t afford to pay for one. I have found several good teachers in my area, but cannot shell out the $1000 for tuition. I will though. I just got to keep my eyes on the bigger picture now. Use the tools, and get the badge later.

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4 thoughts on “Should I take a PDC?

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  2. I understand there is always more to learn, but you are such a good teacher yourself. Maybe you could offer your land as a site for practical visits, most teaching courses visit working models don’t they? I don’t know the system at all, but wouldn’t it be great to barter for some kind of a course discount.

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