Permaculture Basics: Zone and Sector Analysis

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I had a comment on a older post about catching and storing energy. I can remember getting confused with all the information out there about Permaculture. I watched all these videos with landscapes that were already established. I didn’t really understand it all, so I just dabbled in everything. That was a mistake. Rocket mass heater to solar power to food forestry I wanted to do and know it all now. I got confused and disheartened because I did’t have the time nor money to do all these things. Then I heard a great piece of advice. Take a small plot in your zone 1 design it. After that’s complete take another plot. Small and slow solutions are the best. Now I want to implement solutions that minimizes outside inputs. This cost less, but takes more time. Trees that I start on my property will be better adapted to my property. My design of my property has my children and their children in mind.

For more on Zone and Sector Analysis check this out.


5 thoughts on “Permaculture Basics: Zone and Sector Analysis

  1. I learned so much from this. This video gave us some needed guidance in our homefarm planning. We are on the right track in a few important areas already. Very exciting stuff. Really feels doable!! Thanks again.

    • Thank you for your comment. I want to help people with all of this. And how the saying goes. If you helped just one person you have succeeded. Just remember small and slow solutions are best.

      • On my post today someone commented about keeping permaculture practices in mind, specifically zones. Then I visited your page from my Reader and, BAM! There is your post! No coincidences. I immediately thought of you anyway 🙂 . I honestly don’t think one can say thanks enough, just hope you trust in my sincerity. Melissa Xx

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