Sowing the Seeds of Optimism.

Design your world.

Design your world.

As spring gets here I’m feeling optimistic. I feel all the hard work is paying off. Lots more work to be done, but the wheels are turning. Getting lots of traction. But as I reflect on how things have changed how plans have changed I feel that I have more direction. I was doing lots of projects at the same time, and doing none well. Animal, annuals, and perennials all going at once. I was nibbling on many cakes but not finishing any. I got where I am really enjoying planting propagating trees and bushes. My focus has shifted to this. Which makes since because I want to supply my family with lots of my food. Fruit trees take several years to start producing, and need to be gotten into the ground as soon as possible. With trees there is a big investment as money goes. Now I know investment can be money or time, so in-order to save money I invest more time. Planting seedlings, seeds, and propagating my own plants. Paying less money than purchasing several year old trees, but having to wait longer before bearing fruit. I want to focus more on the fruits and vegetables than obtaining mire animals. Main reason is I want to provide my animals with most if to all the food they need on site. I want to control what goes into their diet. As much as I don’t like it I supplement my chickens feed from the feed store. These feeds probably contain GMO pesticide laden grains. These chickens are treated much better that chickens in a factory setting. So baby steps in the raising of chickens. I’m not their but walking in the right direction. I was raising goats. Again store bought feed and they damaged the ground with no rotational grazing. Plans for fodder crops and electro-net fencing. Walking in the right direction just not there yet. Fruit and vegetables no chemicals at all. No till at all and deep mulches. There just keep up the work. Lots of work ahead but plan is in place and waling in the right direction.

I’m feeling a real tribe effect here. Really great to see. I feel like I may be accomplishing something here and may make a difference. Lots of love to you guys.

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5 thoughts on “Sowing the Seeds of Optimism.

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  2. It is a great feeling for me to read this knowing now that we are somewhere near the same place as you. This because I admire all that you are doing and sharing and teaching. Keep on keeping on and we’ll keep reading on. Xx

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