To Rooster or Not to Rooster

To rooster or not to rooster that is the question.

To rooster or not to rooster that is the question.

Some of you out there want chickens, and some of you already have them. What about roosters? Want roosters well you can have mine. After having rooster for a few years now all I can say is don’t do it. Why not? Pros of roosters the protect the girls. Well every rooster I have may protect the hens from what ever predator that may come along, but they take a beating from him. All my roosters peck at their hens. The hens have bald spots either on their heads or back. I keep my chickens on mobile chicken tractors, and really don’t need roosters for protection. I’m thinking of just keeping them out of the tractors all together. They could just hover around the hens. Rooster crow is nice to hear but at 5 am not so much. I live in the country so neighbors aren’t really a problem. But my boys can wake a brother up early in the morning. Egg eating. One of my roosters is an egg eater. He sits near the nesting box waiting for the hen to finish laying. Then he cracks the egg. Then all chickens gobble it up. I must admit he has gotten better at that though. My roosters are also food hogs. They will push the girls out of the food and water till he has had his fill. I can’t stand that. I planned on hatching out chicks, so I needed a rooster. Until I can get a incubator I think the roosters will make good soup. When I do get an incubator maybe have a flock just for the creation of chicks. Keep them separated from the other flock. As of now rooster are more of a nuisance.

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5 thoughts on “To Rooster or Not to Rooster

  1. I know you are serious and I’m sorry for the troubles you’re having with Rooster but… teeheeheegiggle, that was funny! 🙂 Peace.

  2. We’ve had a handful of roosters. One of them only knew rough sex, and the hens backs were all tore up. He finally had to take the trip to the soup pot. Fully sympathize!

    The rest were gentlemen, watching out for the hens, keeping an eye out for hawks, making sure they ate first, etc. We also like hatching chicks from broody hens. We wouldn’t be without ’em, but then we don’t use tractors. We do have heritage breeds, and I’ve heard that can make a difference.

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