My Thinking on Trees and a Backyard Nursery.

Success starts now.

Success starts now.

My thinking on planting trees has changed some what. I thought of planting any tree I could get my hands on. Weather starting from seeds I collected to propagating from any cutting I could get my hand on. I first I just wanted trees and bushed, but I have grown to love propagating plants. I want to sell a few of my plantings now(to feed my addiction for more plants). In order to sell a few trees I must know exactly what it is I am selling. I have gone from wanting to plant any and everything I can get my hands on to knowing what it is before I plant. I know exactly every tree that I have which are just a few Granny Smith and Montmorency Cherry. I have five of each, and I have them labeled. At the end of May I will be taking cutting from each tree that I have and propagating them. Hopefully I will have many tree to sale in a years time. I like the thought of starting a backyard nursery. I like it because instead of waiting a few years for my trees to bear fruit I can propagate cuttings. It’s like getting a harvest early. As long as a tree or bush has new growth it can be propagated.

I have discovered that plants are easier than animals. With animals if I go out of town I must get my family to take care of my animals, but with plants invest in a automatic misting system they can care for themselves. Also initial investment is also lower on plants than animals. If purchased young animals must reach sexual maturity. Depending on the animal that could be some time. One year plants can be sold cheaply say $5. If any do not sell two plus year trees can sell $10-$20. If they still don’t sell I have trees for myself then. Depending on the size of the animal land is needed to care for animals for sale. Many acres maybe. A small nursery can be started in the yard in pots on fractions of a acre.

It’s a learning curve for me I have always love animals. My wife always she can’t take to to Petsmart because I can’t keep my hands off all the animals. I have discovered that I really enjoy my trees, and want to keep it up. Maybe make it into something more in the future.

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3 thoughts on “My Thinking on Trees and a Backyard Nursery.

    • I’ll write an article on the propagating trees tomorrow, and will film it at the end of May. Until then you can clone a tree by taking cuttings hard wood (winter) and soft wood (summer). Softwood cuttings can be taken about six weeks after new growth on the tree. Cut a section of the new growth about six inches long. Strip all leaves but the top 2. With a knife rough up the end of the steam, and dip it into rooting compound ( I have a link to the one I use in Store). Stick the cutting into a well draining medium of sand. The cutting will have no roots so keep leaves moist not medium. 4 – 6 weeks later tree should have rooted and can be transplanted to pot or bed.
      Thanks for the comment.

      Mike McGroarty also has a excellent You Tube channel on this. I have learned a lot from these videos.

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