Backyard Orchard Coming Along Nicely.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I planted four new Fruit trees into my backyard orchard. I planted two plums. One a Damson plum, and the other a Golden. Along with plums I planted a Bartlett Pear and a Nectarine.


I purchased these from a local nursery and got a good price on them. At $10 a piece they were nice trees. They are in bad need of pruning, but other than that they are perfect. Along with all my other trees I will be pruning them to 8 feet tall. Where all fruit is within my reach. Dwarf trees are not needed I just prune all trees short to train them to stay a certain height. Now I have 14 trees, and so far they are doing good. I still have to water and baby them a lot the next few weeks. Luckily we have lots of rain in the forecast. Along with these trees I have 5 Granny Smith and 5 Tart Cherries.

2 thoughts on “Backyard Orchard Coming Along Nicely.

  1. question is there something like “rust”? that can for on newly formed tree leaves? We planted 4 fruit trees and 1 apple seems to have “rust” on the upper leaves as they unfurl.

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