Plants are Coming Along Nicely

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I have potatoes and tomatoes coming along nicely.

Nice Tomato.

Nice Tomato.

Above is one of my tomatoes.  I use no fertilizers or pesticides. I did start it from seed in organic potting soil. I transplanted it into a Hugel bed I built in the fall. I have five plants in the bed as of now, but I will soon transplant the remaing plants that aren’t quit big enough. I have Romo and Better Boy tomatoes. Sauces to follow.

Nice potato

Nice potato

I planted about 20 seed potatoes a few weeks ago. As with the tomatoes no chemicals were used in the making of these plants 😉 These are Yukon Gold.

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9 thoughts on “Plants are Coming Along Nicely

  1. Have you ever had your tomatoes cross pollinate? I have the one time I was growing 4 varieties, one was a plum, another was a Cherokee, and 2 different cherry tomatoes. We wound up with small plum shaped tomatoes in an odd color that tasted like Cherokee tomatoes.

    • I usually don’t plant many types of tomatoes. And like the old saying goes grow what you like. I don’t like tomatoes very much. I always tell people I like tomatoes when they’ve been abused; ketchup, in soups and sauces. So if I have I haven’t noticed.

  2. Plants look beautiful! I read your post from Mother Earth News about the layered beds, sort of lasagne beds with wood organic layer. It was a great find – thank you. We did something similar today, but I’m really going to follow the tomatoes in hugel beds… I have to say, I don’t like Romas or Better Boys. They are somewhat better than the grocery, but… I hope you will humor me and plant an heirloom or two and tell me if you still don’t like tomatoes. (Possible – my son doesn’t like them.)

      • Cherokee Purples didn’t have many seeds at all, firmer than other tomatoes, and they have a great taste, and they did well in our hot humid climate. But now that you say it’s texture, not sure you’ll like them. Whoever you grow them for would, though!

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