Close call this week.

Rooster to the rescue.

Rooster to the rescue.

We had a close call here this week with our chickens. We had a predator raccoon I think try to take a swipe at our chickens. In my chicken tractors I have poultry netting along the bottom of the tractors for extra protection. Good thing I did because the raccoon only succeeded to make a small hole in the netting. It also managed to get only a few feathers. The rooster also finally came in handy this week. He came to the rescue.. I heard him making lots of noise, and he had a little blood on his spurs. Super chicken to the rescue. This went on for two nights. Other than the lose of sleep we lost no chickens. I decided to move the enclosure closer to where my Great Pyrenees is. No more late night visits from our unwelcome guest. This goes to remind us all that the work is really never done. I was expecting some injuries but none were found. At most maybe only one egg was lost. I can handle that. I just glad everything turned out well.

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