Easy Fodder System

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Don’t like the idea of corn and soy feed for your chickens? Try this easy fodder system. Start with eight five gallon buckets. Drill small holes in seven of them. This will allow water drain from the bucket, and the final bucket is for soaking seeds in. I sprout a mixture of black sunflower and oat seeds. Both I can buy at my local feed store. Soak seeds in a bucket overnight. The next day I pour the soaked seeds in the bucket marked 1, (I number the buckets 1-7). Repeat daily.

Seeds soaking.

Seeds soaking.

Here is a picture of seeds soaking.

Seeds in the bucket.

Seeds in the bucket.

A picture of seeds in the bucket.

Seeds starting to sprout.

Seeds starting to sprout.

Just starting to sprout.

Here is a video that I learned how to do this.


3 thoughts on “Easy Fodder System

  1. What is it costing? Is it organic? We get organic for about $25/40#. How does the nutrition compare? How’s your egg production and quality? Or are you doing meat birds? Making money on eggs is a tough proposition around here and lots of people searching. Thanks!

    • Yes it’s organic. I pay $15 for a 50 pound bag of each, which when sprouted increases weight and nutrition. The numbers I don’t know. I get about 7 eggs from 9 barred rock hens a day. I don’t have enough birds for egg sales, but enough for the family. It’s easy and at least be a treat for your birds. I keep the buckets near where I store my feed, so it’s really not that much more work.

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