Spring is the Time for Hustle.

Success starts now.

Success starts now.

Spring is in full effect. There is so much that needs to be done in a short amount of time. It’s hard to cope sometimes. And on top of everything weather has not given me the opportunity to get some of the work done. It has rained so much this month. Nearly everyday it has rained at least part of the day. My yard started to look like a jungle. I managed to take care of the front of my property, but the back land is starting to look like a jungle. I must get the under control. I need to build a potting bench, so I can pot up trees that I will root from cuttings. In just a few months that project must be complete. I have to plant a dozen or so pepper plants that I have on flats that are now ready to go into the ground. So much work, so little time. Well I just had to vent a little. Every day I’m hustling.

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4 thoughts on “Spring is the Time for Hustle.

  1. I planted tee-pee climbing beans out Sunday. It ‘winter showered’ for next two days. This after two weeks of gloriousness. Weather can be so frustrating. Thing is, I knew better, but got impatient. At least with days getting longer, when weather does finally improve, we will have more daylight to hustle and get things done 🙂 Bright side?

  2. Enjoy the downtime, rest up while Mother Nature is at work because when it is your turn to pitch in, you’re going to miss these times lol. –Peace.

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