Container Gardening for my Kiddos

I have two girls ages four and seven. They like to help around the homestead. They love picking fresh veggies and fruits. But to them they are helping daddy in his garden. I had an idea for them a raised bed for them for their own. They choose what goes in it, and they water it and weed it. I’ve seen several articles on container gardens for those who live in apartments, but still want their own small garden. Many of these were made from Rubbermaid totes. I had a few extra totes laying around, and decided to made my girls a container garden on blocks. I put it on blocks to make it easier for them to take care if it. Below is a two part videos on the process. My girls love it. My oldest loves bell pepper, so that’s what went into the container. I started several plants a few months back so I have plenty to share.  Please comment or hit me up on Twitter @freedomfarmtv InstamGram, and Facebook.

And the finished product. I also put a bucket of water and a watering can for my girls to water the plants, and they won’t have to search for them.

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