Clouds and Dirt.

Success starts now.

Success starts now.

Of Clouds and Dirt. Dream big, but get down and dirty working hard to accomplish your dreams. I have a dream that in a few years I can leave the world of computer behind, and live off the land. As of now I work none to ten hours a day driving from place to place walking from room to room repairing computers and computer related problems. It’s a good paying job for where I live, and allows my wife to stay at home and home school our kids. I dream of the day where I don’t have to leave home every morning leaving my family behind. I am lucky that my job doesn’t take me out of town, and has very good vacation time. My passion now lies in a different area. I dream of having my own Nursery business, and stack other enterprises onto my land such as rabbits, eggs, and maybe raw milk. I have about five hours of of day light right now to get everything that needs completing finished. In those few hours I feed and water animals, water plants and trees. Along with any needs that my wife needs me to take care of ( happy wife. happy life), With my head in the clouds I hustle to get this done. I am happy knowing my family get to be with each other, and my children are not shipped off to an institution that resembles more a prison than education facility. My girls learn faster in less time than it takes in public school. I am blessed. With my head in the clouds and my hands in the dirt I hustle to get stuff done.

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