Surprise’s Surprise.

While on vacation our cat Surprise had a surprise waiting for us. She a kitten. She wasn’t big, so luckily she had only one. I get home after spending all day on the road. Note to self girls have to take lots of bathroom breaks. I start hearing a small meow from under the house. So hear I am tired from the road and get home just to crawl under the house. Well I find a small black kitten. It’s a two weeks old. I remember Surprise having lots of leaves and grass on her before we left for vacation, which she never has. My girls see the kitten, and start clapping and jumping up and down. So of course we have to keep it. Now after the kitten is weened we got to get a cat fixed. Now that we have seen the kitten Surprise moved it, and we can’t find it now. Hopefully we start hearing it again because kids are chomping at the bit to get another look at Shadow.


7 thoughts on “Surprise’s Surprise.

    • I added a picture if her, but baby is under the house. I plan to go kitten hunting this afternoon. Maybe to move both into the house until the little one is older and can stay safe.


      • I enjoyed the photo! Our cats have always found hidden spots like under the porch, and kittens have been safe, but we haven’t had varmint problems. The ones who go to the woods often to hunt DO disappear… They are cuties1

      • We had lots or work this weekend. The momma cat is very sick leaving us to feed the kitten. Both are doing fine now, but they were on death’s door. Bottle feeding the kitten, and I am feeding baby food to the momma. She will not eat on her own, but will drink water now.

  1. She’s got pneumonia and felt like a corpse a few days ago. The kitten I found cold wet and hungry. Both are much better now. I didn’t think they would.It’s funny the kitten thinks my wife is its mother. It lays on her chest and purrs to her. We looked it up, and kittens purr to their mother to let her know it’s al right

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