Baby Shadow



We welcome baby Shadow. Surprise had a kitten two weeks ago. A little black fuzz ball.



We started to worry about Shadow today. We haven’t seen Surprise in a day and a half, and Shadow has been underneath our house crying. I finally crawled under to check on poor Shadow. I found little Shadow cold and hungry, and Surprise no where to be seen. Luckily as a precaution I got some kitten formula for abandoned kittens. So we fed and warmed little Shadow up, and it seems to be doing well. Now we wondered what happened to Surprise. Well later today Surprise turned up. Surprise had gotten sick in the lase day or so. She just didn’t have the strength to take care of a kitten. She ate a little today and drank some water, so I think she’ll be ok. It seems that there is craziness all the time on a homestead.

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