Air Propagation of Fruit Tree

In the following video I show how I propagate a Bartlett Peat tree. Air propagation is easier than from cuttings, but you only one where many cuttings can be rooted at a time. It’s hot and humid here in GA. I was doing lots of yard work also, so I am a little hot and sweaty. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Air Propagation of Fruit Tree

  1. Hey Chris, great video. I’ve never seen air layering with this method before. I always head about using moss and then wrapping that in aluminum foil and then clear plastic wrap to seal in the moisture.

    Does this Coke bottle method require watering when the soil dries out? I also couldn’t see any branches below your air layering spot. Are they there and I just can’t see them? Are they needed for the lower pear tree to thrive once you make your trunk cut?

    • Thanks for being here. I like the bottle method for air layering. It seems easier to me. But you do have to water it. It gives me something to do when I go and look at the tree 😉 because I can’t help but check on it to see how it’s coming along. The tree was very spindly, and does have branches just short ones. The tree was about ten feet tall before I pruned it back to eight. In fact the bottle is resting on a branch to keep it from sliding down.

      • Ahh I see. Thanks for the additional information. Let the experimentation begin in full earnest! I can’t wait to try this. Although, I’m more of a Pepsi man myself. I know, crazy Northerners. Cheers!

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