Just when everything is going well POW!

RIP Surprise.

RIP Surprise.

Our cat Surprise had a kitten a few weeks back. The she got sick and abandon that kitten. Since then my family and I have been bottle feeding the kitten and had feeding Surprise baby food. Surprise stopped eating, so I feed her baby food from a syringe. Both mama and baby seemed to get doing much better. I thought we were out of the woods with both. Even tough the kitten is doing fine Surprise abruptly died. She was eating although being feed and drinking water. I guess she had some type of organ failure. I sucks when we’ve worked so hard caring for her just to lose her all of a sudden. My eldest took it kinda of hard because is was her first pet that she pick out. We aren’t big cat fans, but when a six year old writes a four page paper with illustrations about how she wants a cat, she’ll usually get that cat. ¬†Needless to say I buried her and the girls placed some fresh cut roses on her site. At least we still have baby Shadow.

5 thoughts on “Just when everything is going well POW!

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. You had to get your teaching about death ready sooner than expected, but at least she will know that it’s part of life.

  2. This brings to mind, peewee, my daughter’s cat. He was the brunt, and she claimed him. Feeding him baby food, and formula. She had him, six years, and he had become gigantic. Everyone wanted him, but she wouldn’t consider giving him away. When she held him, holding his head next to hers, his feet was nearly next to her ankles. He weighed thirty two pounds. He was stolen from her, while she was pregnant with her one, and only child/daughter. She would be outside in the rain, in the middle of the night, calling for him. Nineteen years latter, she still refuses to get another cat, because he wouldn’t be her broken tailed baby.( He was born with a broken tail.

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