Be the best you.

Be the best you.

It was a very good weekend. I harvested potatoes, which we had for supper tonight. Yum Yum!


Potatoes that are home grown are much more amazing than anything you can find in stores. They seem buttery as if they are already cooked in butter. Also once you grow potatoes you will always have potatoes. When I harvest I never get all the spuds. So I always get potatoes where I planted them the previous years. Amazing. Potatoes are one of the crops I have enjoyed growing the most. I have always gotten some success out of them. I can’t say that about anything else.

Also I feel the pendulum is swinging in favor of healthy living. I was in a local box feed store Tractor Supply, and found a little surprise.



There were three bags, and I got two of them. Maybe they will get this from now on. Organic was a little more expensive, but not that much more. The message is out. Down with chemicals. Now maybe we as humans can now get chemical companies out of the food business. I’m feeling optimistic.

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7 thoughts on “Winning

  1. When we ran out of potatoes, we quit eating them – Mom refused to eat storebought… I wonder if Tractor Supply’s organic feed really holds to the organic standard we do? We’ll be able to tell by the taste of the eggs, I imagine.

    • I don’t think any organic produce meets my standards. Even though it “organic” it still mono crops using “organic” fertilizer and pesticides while tilling up the ground. With that said it’s a step in the right direction. Baby steps.

      • Agreed, but if you’ve tried organic chicken feed, not the pellets but the mash, you know that it looks and smells real, and that it makes eggs taste better. Our experience anyway.:)

      • I like to sprout black oil sunflower and oat seeds, and that’s the main food for our chickens. I give a little extra feed once a day. I can tell a difference when we go out of town, and I get may family to feed them. I just get them to give them store bought feed to make it easier on them. The yokes are paler and shells softer.

      • Thanks a lot for sharing that! What’s your cost to feed this? That sounds like something we could grow if we needed to. I’m also wondering if there’s a breed that hasn’t been bred to need grains.

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